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Visitors to the official website of the Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials (MAPPO) ( should read the following disclaimer information. As a user, you agree to accept the policies and conditions set forth in the following:
MAPPO maintains this website as a means of providing information about the organization to visitors to the website. While MAPPO's boards, committees and officers strive to post accurate information in a timely manner, neither MAPPO nor those boards, committees and officers of MAPPO warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information on this website and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the information. Any person relying on the information obtained from this website does so at their own risk. Information that is posted to the website may change at any time.
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Privacy Policy
The privacy of visitors to this website is protected to the maximum extent permissible under the Public Records Laws, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66, Section 10 and Chapter 4, Section 7(26). The Attorney General has determined that email correspondences are public records unless the content of the email falls with one of the stated exemptions under the Public Records Laws. The following statistical information may be collected: the date and time of visitor access to the website, the Internet Protocol Access and domain name of the visitor, the type of web browsing software, the webpage visited and other technical settings. MAPPO does not sell, share or disclose information to third parties. Any other information collected from visitors is limited to information volunteered by the visitors.
In order to provide visitors with access to information, MAPPO's web pages may contain links to a variety of community, regional and governmental organizations. By providing such links, MAPPO does not necessarily endorse the respective organization or all of the content contained on the organizationís web pages. MAPPO reserves the sole right to post and remove links to other websites at any time.
Commercial/Private Use and Endorsements
MAPPO's website and content is provided for the non-commercial use to its visitors. No board, committee or officer of MAPPO shall profit from the website nor shall any board, committee or officer of MAPPO use the website for personal reasons. No commercial advertising is permitted on MAPPO's website.
The Chair of the Website Committee and his/her designee(s) is charged with maintaining and administering the day-to-day operations of the website for MAPPO. The Chair and his/her designee(s) may implement rules and regulations pertaining to the website for the sole purpose of accomplishing said charge. Should you find any errors on the website, please report them to the Website Committee Chair.