It is well known that Massachusetts, of all of the States in the Union, has one of the most complex arrays of statutes and regulations that govern public construction projects and the purchase of goods and services.

As a result, public employees whose positions involve responsibility for construction and purchasing have a heavy responsibility to ensure that these activities are carried out in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws.  The Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials (MAPPO) is a professional association organized and operating to support these employees.  MAPPO is an active partner with the Massachusetts Inspector General, whose certification and continuing education program is designed to confirm a high level of competence in the field.

MAPPO sponsors seminars, offers the shared resources of colleagues through e-mail, monthly meetings with speakers on various aspects of construction and purchasing (that count for ceu credits) and subcommittees formed for special projects.  Membership in MAPPO is open to all public employees whose duties include responsibility for public contracting, including construction and purchasing of goods and services.  

The MAPPO membership year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th.  Full membership includes the cost of meals at all regular monthly meetings and full members enjoy a discounted registration fee for conferences and special meetings.  Associate members are offered a discounted luncheon cost at monthly meetings and a discounted registration fee for conferences and special meetings.  

All members are added to our information distribution list, as well as provided access to our members-only section of our website, which offers the opportunity to connect with other members on a real-time basis with question and/or concerns.  

Through the years, MAPPO members have consistently spoken of the value of this network of professional colleagues. They see this as a major resource for support in the performance of the responsibilities of their positions and utilize the many benefits MAPPO offers.