With your membership, you will soon recognize that you have gained an invaluable resource in a network of fellow professionals. 

The MAPPO membership year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th. Full Members pay annual dues of $225 per individual. Full Members receive meals at all regular meetings for no cost, and meals at a discounted cost for conferences and special meetings. Associate Members pay annual dues of $100 per individual. Associate Members pay an adjusted cost for meals at all regular meetings, conferences and special meetings. Retired Associate Members pay no annual dues. Retired Associate Members pay an adjusted cost for meals, equal to that of an Associate Member, at all regular meetings, conferences and special meetings. All members are added to our information distribution list, which offers the opportunity to connect with other members on a real-time basis with questions and/or concerns.  

The meetings, held in different locations around the Commonwealth, are a perfect blend of education, networking, information exchange and socializing. Each meeting features one or more speakers with expertise on issues we constantly confront. You will find it helpful to know these individuals by name, and be able to call on them when the same issues face you in your organization. Meetings also offer an opportunity to receive legislative updates and other pertinent information with respect to purchasing and the purchasing profession.

In becoming a member, you will join a group of people who understand and experience the challenges you face day-to-day. You will have access to the practical wisdom our members have accumulated in their own positions, finding members that are willing to share resources and become an important part of your support system. Someone will always have a set of specifications you need, or the answer to a question you have, or the solution to a problem you run into. Conversely, you will bring your own knowledge and experience to share with the rest of us.

To join the organization, click on the link below to fill out a registration form and enclose a check made out to MAPPO. The registration form and check can be mailed to:

City of Medford

ATTN: Shab Khan, CPO

85 Geaorge P Hasset Drive

Medford, MA 02155

Click here for the MAPPO listserv.

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